About us

Who are we?



Antiques-European- Design is an Internet Canadian Boutique located in the Montreal area, easily accessible to North American in search for authentic European interior decorations, mostly found in France.

These past centuries items were found for you by Sylvain and his Canadian wife Nancy while prospecting and researching in France with the help of his network of contacts, passionate also of antiques and vintage. 65 years old, Sylvain is a past member of the French Troup Marine who once discharged after 23 years of services, became a member of an International Demining and Security Company. He spent in total over 30 years in 24 countries, where he gained international experience while looking for antics in European, Africa, and Asian countries marketplaces.

Having in mind to operate an internet boutique, he prospects, negotiated, purchased, imported and restored numerous antiques.

Married to Nancy, who is an university graduate in the early eighties, is helping her husband, acts as a consulted and advisor. She has great expertise in painting, antiques, and old furniture.

What do we offer?

Passionate about vintage and antics items, Sylvain is offering genuine objects for the time being from Europe and mostly from France. These items thought for decorations are sold hardly cleaned to conserve their originality.
Many of them can still be used and are in good state. With the boutique, he wishes to make your travel and procure objects difficult to find in North America.

They will bring you a particular cachet to your decor and raise the value of your collection. Sylvain may look for items you are cherish to own and can import decorations or collections items that are not presently part of his inventory.

Please note that we don't ship to China, Thailand and Taiwan because the packages never arrived at destination. Our transporter is POSTE CANADA.