Alarm clock Art Deco SMI, bakelite, made in France (1950-1960).


French bedhead alarm clock, SMI, in bakelite, of ART DECO style, manufactured from 1950 to 1960. Functional and esthetic,this beautiful object of decoration brings a retro French touch in a room, a lounge or an office. Rare and difficult to find.


This mechanical clock, which must be raised every day, appeared on the French market by 1950 and was made in Marseille by the Society Meridional of Industrie until 1960. The color depended on fashions and followed the colors of bakelites used for tubes radios said « of bedhead ". Bought in Algeria, at ORAN in the Market Medina Midjida, during one of my journeys for work. Size in cm: L: 22.5 x H: 11.5 x E: 6 cm. Size in inches; L: 9 x H: 4.5 x T: 3,5 inches. It works correctly included his alarm but needs a small adjustment by a watchmaker because it sometimes stops. Of ivory color, its embellishers are of silver and gilt colors. In excellent condition, it’s not cracky or broken. Appreciated by European collectors, this alarm clock is rare. It’s a beautiful object of decoration which brings a retro French touch in a room, a lounge or an office. NB : vintage clocks collectors look mainly for SMI, Bayard, JAZ, JAPY and Blangy clocks.