Cart and horse sculpture in brass made by Disabled Veterans of the war 1914/1918.


Beautiful and rare item, polished and sold by Disabled Veterans or Invalids of the Great War


Sculpture of cart and horse in brass made by Disabled Veterans of the war 1914/1918.
After the end of the war, started the demobilisation and in spring 1919 the cleaning of all battlefields was organized. Each country searched and grouped together the bodies or their killed soldiers into perpetual grants given by the French Government.
Hundreds of km of trenches and millions of artillery shell craters were filled.
This operation provided thousands of jobs to the numerous ex-veterans and poor people. The recovery of abandoned metallic items and metals became a great business. In the town of Abbeville (Somme), a specialized foundry making water valves in brass before the war, became specialist of neutralisation of artillery shells and started smelting shell casings. They began a production of different items of decoration in brass including several modeles of sculptures of carts with horses.
These items were sold at very low profit, as cast, unpolished to the disabled veterans or victims of the war of the region, activating at home their own polishing workshops. The sale of polished sculpture became a business generating a further source of incomes uncreasing their weak pension of Veteran or Victim of War paid by the Government.
This business was allowed, not taxable and has continued up to 1940. It was stopped by the German invasion wich organized immediately the requisition of metals in particularly coppers and copper alloys for their war industry. The business of metals was forbiden.
Simple and beautiful, unknown, full of history and real-life this item is increasingly difficult to find. Due to his past, it desserves to be shown, explained and collected.
Size: 10" X 3,5" x 5,5".