Coffee grinder « HOP » for campers of the fifties


Coffee grinder « HOP » of the fifties for campers, soldiers and others users of packbags.In perfect condition.

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The coffee grinder « HOP » of the fifties intended for campers, soldiers and other users of backpacks. Manufactured by AS, in aluminium, it’s light, simple, rustic and non bulky. His internal mecanism is in strong steel. These 2 grinders, of aluminium color ,70 years old, are still in perfect working order and condition. Their look make of them perfect objects of collection. The price is for only 1 piece. Size : diameter 9 cm /3,5 inches Total height 18 cm / 7 inches. HOP in stock.
Found in an antiques shop (brocante) in the town of AMIENS (Somme). Wanted by american collectors