Coffee grinder Peugeot-Frères in beige lacquered steel


Coffee grinder Peugeot-Frères «Lacquered Serial » of beige color of the years 1947/1960.
Perfect mechanic but the box paint needs small repairs.


Coffee grinder Peugeot-Frères «Lacquered Serial »
Body and top in laquered painted steel of beige color with lower and upper parts of the box in varnished wood
The beige color was the most popular for this «modern grinder » of the years 1947/1960. Chrome or cadmium-plated crunk marked Peugeot-Frères and original logo Peugeot on the front.
Size : 12 x 12 x 22 cm (4,75’’ x 4,75’’x 8,75’’).
Possible adjustment of the grind size.
In perfect mechanic condition, fully operational.
However the body shows some traces of wear like scratches on the lacquered paint.
Ready to grind or join a collection.
French touch assured in your kitchen.