Extremely rare British stoneware military rum jar of 2 galons (WW1)


Extremely rare stoneware rum jar of 2 galons used by British and Canadian soldiers of the Great War (1914/1918)
Practically impossible to find.


Extremely rare British stoneware rum jar of 2 galons, used during the WW1, by the British and Canadian soldiers in the trenches for the supply with rum of the first lines before their attempts of assaults. This model, too heavy and unsuitable in the trenches was quicly abandoned and the model of 1 galon preferred.
Marked « SRD » with black paint or stamped, these initials stood with SUPPLY RESERVE DEPOT the Logistic Department of the Royal Navy. Both of these jars are also stamped or marked by different and numerous British or Scottish factories. This one is stamped below by the Company Pearson of Chesterfield.
More than 100 years old, in spite of a crack on the side marking its great age and past sufferings this jar is still very beautiful. In consideration of his rarity and story it deserves joining a collection. Unhoped-for find for a collector.
Found by chance in a second hand shop of Arras (Pas de Calais).
Size: Heigth 40 cm (15,75 inches). Diameter 22 cm (15,75 inches)
NB: The most common jars are of 1 gallon. Those of 1/2 are difficult to find, as for those of 2 galons they are practically untraceable.