French coffee grinder PEUGEOT FRERES type A1 made from 1879 to 1943.


Well-balanced industrial design and rustic character. Appreciated for decoration of antiques houses, kitchens, restaurants and coffee shops. Guaranteed French Touch.


This coffee grinder is between 75 and 139 years old. Made in cast iron, steel and wood. Frame and body made in cast iron. This last is marked in foundry " « PEUGEOT FRERES BREVETÉ SGDG ». The small and secondary logo in brass on the drawer is missing . Height: 36cm (14,25 inches). Width : 36cm (14,25 inches) crank included. Weight: 5,950 kg . This mill is complete, in very good state. It has been repainted in green and would simply need a good cleaning and brushing. Very appreciated for decoration of antique houses, kitchens, restaurants and coffee-shops in Europe due to it well-balanced industrial design. Guaranteed French Touch.