French ML PARIS Model K gas blowtorch, in brass.


Old gasoline Blowtorch, made by M.L. PARIS of Model K .
An artillery cannon of 75 mm engraved on its gas tank gave to this tool the nickname of ” Blowtorch Standard”.
Very beautiful object of decoration or collection.


Old French M.L. PARIS Model K blowtorch, in brass,made from 1948 to 1965.
A cannon of 75 Model 1897 is engraved on the tank of the blowtorch.
ML means Marcel LEJEUNE, owner of this family company which in veteran of the Great War, imposed by 1925 the engraving of the cannon of 75 on both its products.
Height 16,5 cms (6,5 inches),
Length 22 cms (8,5 inches).
Tank diameter: 8 cm (3,25 inches) and heigh 9 cm (3,5 inches)
In very good state, this blowtorch is "FORBIDDEN USE" as both gasoline repaired blowtorches but has became a very beautiful item of collection or décoration.