Genuine carafes RICARD in glass of the 1960s.


Authentic glass decanters RICARD for bistros, bars or restaurants dating 1960s. In perfect condition. Very appreciated by designers and European collectors.


Lot of 2 authentic carafes RICARD in glass of the 1960s. The glass decanters preceded jugs in French bars, bistros and restaurants. Sizes are: Decanter 1: height 20 cms x 9 cms x 6 cms (Height 8 inches x 3,5 inches x 2,25 inches). Decanter 2: Height 18 cms x 14 cms x 6 cms (Height 7 inches x 5,5 inches x 2,5 inches). The volume is 1/2 liter for both decanters. These two decanters are sold together and the price is for the 2 items. They are very appreciated by European collectors and designers.