Iron in brass of the end of 19th century.


Become trinket or press-paper, it often hides small objects.
Beautiful object of décoration and collection wanted by Europeans.


This iron is more than 100 years old. Small-sized, it served to iron small surfaces, and especially laces and borders of embroidered doilies prealably wet by starch diluted in water. The heat of the iron evaporated the water and the lace imprisoned the starch. Doilies remained perfectly flat with this method. The iron, equipped with a wooden handle, required an ingot in cast iron which was warmed on the stove then placed hot inside the iron. Ingots were sold separately and dentelieres and needlewomen always bought several ingots for each of their irons. This one is without ingot but it has a support in brass protecting the table. These irons are collected and very wanted in Europe. We find them used in press papers on numerous desks. Inside they receive business cards. We also place them as decoration on shelves of furniture and they can hide small objects or secrets. Size: L: 15,5 cms x l: 8,5 cms x H: 14 cm. (6 x 3,5 x 5,5 inches)