Iron in brass for needlewomen made at the end of 19th Century.


Become trinket or press-paper, very ornamental, it often hides small secrets. Beautiful object very collected in Europe.


This iron made at the end of 19th Century is more than 100 years old. Very small-sized, it served especially to iron laces and borders embroidered dollies prealably wet by starch diluted in water.
This iron, equipped with a wooden handle (lightly cracky) required some very hot embers placed inside before ironing. Some needlewomen preferred to use small ingots in cast iron made by smiths of village.
They warmed them on the stove before ironing. These mini-irons are very collected in Europe. We find them used as press papers on numerous desks, also on shelves of furniture where they often hide small objects or secrets. Size: L: 10 cm X l: 5 cm x H: 10 cm (4 x 2 x 4 inches).