Superb brass hanging lamp of inspiration Marine of the years 1920/1930 made in a French professional school in 1970


Superb brass hanging lamp, inspired by the Style Marine of the 20/30’s, realized in a professional school of Amiens in the 1970s. In excellent condition, the patina is superb and the electrical wiring has been replaced recently. Beautiful object that asks only to serve again and that will perfectly adorn a reading corner or a small bedroom.

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This lamp is the result of the work of the students and their teachers who were doing the study and design of all the technicals drawings, allowing the manufacture of tools for the cutting, forming and stamping presses of the various parts necessary for the design of this lamp in association with a private company which started the production of a serie for sale. Students also provided welding, riveting, polishing and electric assembly and discovered the world of work. The design beautifully combines a copy of an antique oil lamp at the shade with very elegant curved stems that bring to the lamp a perfect aesthetic. This one is in excellent condition and its patina is superb. To be used with a bulb of 40/60 watts. Size: H: 48 cm / 19 inches. Diameter max: 28 cm/ 11.5 inches. Found in France (Amiens) in an estate sale.