Lot of 3 authentic water RICARD pitchers of bistro.


Lot of 2 stoneware RICARD jugs dating of the 70s and a small one of yellow color in earthenware dating of the 80s. All are authentic products of bars or bistros very appreciated by European collectors and designers.


Lot of 3 authentic water pitchers RICARD of bar or bistrot. Two of them are in stoneware and the third and smallest is in earthenware. Ricard is the most popular aniseed alcohol in summer for apéritif by French people. It’s drunk diluted in some cool water. The sizes are : Jug 1 (ochre) size: height: 14 cms L: 21 cms (H: 5,5 inches L: 8,5 inches).Jug 2(ochre) size: height: 12 cms L: 19 cms (H: 4,5 inches L: 7,5 inches). Jug 3(yellow)  size: height: 8 cms L: 13 cms (H: 3,25 inches L: 5,25 inches). The volumes of these jugs are respectively of 1litre, ½ liter and ¼ of liter. Stoneware jugs date of the 70s. They are stamped  below by the factory Ricard operating during this period. The yellow jug dates, of the 80s and is not stamped. These 3 jugs are sold together and constitute a nice decoration for a kitchen or a bar. The price is for the 3 pieces. They are very appreciated by numerous european collectors and designers.