Military hot water bottle in Ceramic of the XIXth century.


Military hot water bottle in Ceramic of the XIXth century found in a subterranean bunker of trench of the WW1, close to Vimy in France (region of Arras).

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This hot-water bottle was found intact in a subterranean bunker which served as infirmary of trench, revealed in 1966, during road works in France, close to Vimy in the region of Arras . These trenches, dug by the French soldiers in 1915, were passed to the Canadians during the reorganization of the Western front in 1916.The cork of this bouillote was missing and the discovery of a second bouillote broken during excavations realized in the same zone a few months later allowed to get one. We know nothing of this bouillote, which has no marking except that it would be of English or French design of the years 1880-1890 for this type of medical equipment. Dimensions: L 28cm (11 inches) Heigth 14 cms (5,5 inches) with the cork. Volume (1,5 liters).Unusual object for collector.