Magnificent Samovar inspired Art Deco in copper and brass made in France during the years 30. (SOLD)


Rare and Superb Samovar inspired Art Deco, in copper and brass of the years 1930, made in France by an artisan véritable artist and designer.(SOLD)


This superb Samovar in copper and brass is inspired Art Deco. The design of the support is modern and "avant gardiste". It holds the tea-pot and the small stove (coton + alcohol) keeping hot the tea. These particular teapots issued from Orient or Russia were brought by the numerous "White Russians" loyalists to the Tsar, refugees in France during the Revolution of 1917. This one is a magnificent samovar of modern design". It has kept an Oriental touch (which remember the ALADIN lamp). It was made in France around 1930 by a veritable artisan artist. Size in inches: H 12,5 x L 8,5 x 10 depth (32 cm x 22 cm x 25 cm). Capacity: 1 liter minimum.(SOLD)