Tubes radio vintage Philips Type BF 102 U Philetta of 1955.


Tubes Radio Philips BF 102 U Philetta of 1955. Body in bakelite of two colors, red and bordeaux, works in Canada. Rare and appreciated by collectors and designers.


Tubes Radio Philips BF 102 U Philetta of 1955. 4 tubes, 2 ranges of frequencies: PO and GO, hexagonal design, 2 buttons with round dial. This radio works with alternating or continuous power from 110 to 127 volts and needs an antenna connection. Box in bakelite of red and bordeaux colors. Functional in Canada, it’s in good esthetic condition in spite of a broken corner of brown bakelite below. The letter « I «  of the word Philips in front is missing. (Easy to repair). Very beautiful object in a trendy color. Size L : 23 cm (9 inches) x W : 11cm (4,5 inches) x H : 14 cm (5,5 inches). Tubes Radio of this type is difficult to find, in North America.Good item for collection or decoration