Vintage antenna CAPTE, for tubes radio, made in France by RADIO-CELARD in 1955.


Antenna CAPTE, made in France by RADIO-CELARD in 1955. This antenna was an amplifier of reception and a filter anti-interferences. Very beautiful object of vintage decoration, it became practically untraceable and is very appreciated by the European collectors.

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This antenna is usable with all tubes radio sets. It allowed a more precise adjustment on the chosen frequency and amplified the quality of the reception by eliminating the parasites.
The body and the base are in bakelite of brown and ivory colors. The directional antenna is made of 2 metallic circles. A selector of bands and an hourly dial allowed to find easily the favorite stations. The design only, gives a very beautiful vintage object of decoration wich became practically untraceable. Size: H 31 x W 31cm. (12 x 12 inches).Base diameter: 18 cm (7 inches). Nb: a second antenna, broken during the transportation from France will be given for free to the buyer for possible spare parts.