Vintage hand iron in brass


Hand iron in brass totally ineffective which became an appreciated item of décoration.


Hand Iron antique in brass
This type of hand iron using hot embers is arrived on the market around 1920 but it was totally ineffective and unsafe, and cause of numerous burnings. However the floral decor style Art Nouveau of his design seduced and made of it an appreciated object of decoration. It was manufactured in different sizes up to 1960 with a break during the Second World War.
At home, it took place close to the stove or the fire point head and was used for hiding the matches.
Up to now, some of them are used as « vide poche » at the main entrance and they hide car keys, coins … etc.
Size of the box : L 6,5’’ x 3,25’’ x 3,25’’
L16,5 x 8,5 x 8,5 cm
Height with handle in inches : 6,5’’ (16,5 cm)
This object is a beautiful item for decoration and it's now, rare and difficult to find.