WW2 French Cavalry Officer pair of binoculars


WW2 French Cavalry Officer and NCOs pair of binoculars (1939/1940).


WW2 French Cavalry Officer pair of binoculars

The French armored cavalry Officers and NCOs involved in the Battle of Abbeville in 1940 were endowed with this model of binoculars, magnifying X 7, of small size, holding a basic compass, manufactured by SIRIUS/PARIS.
The case is original but in poor condition and still equipped with his originals straps. Both of leather pieces need maintenance and the case needs also a repair. The binoculars, however, are in a very good condition in spite of their age and real life.

Beautiful piece of collection, recovered by a resident of the Village of MAREUIL close to Abbeville en 1940 and sold by his daughter in an attic sale in 2017.