Sales conditions

As of November 25th , 2017

Products presented on this internet site are aimed to be sold in Canada and the United States. However other destinations are not excluded.
All items sold on this site are identified by photos. They are intended mainly for the decoration and collection markets, primarily for the buyer’s destination. All items have been pre-owned, they show their age. Some are hundred years old, they are authentic and display a great deal of charm. Apparent or known damages, if detected or observed are identified. Prices are set with this observation in mind. The items purchased cannot be returned. The only exception is if a settlement has been reached between the two parties. In this case, all inherent charges are not covered, including transportation. Only the price paid for the item will be reimbursed.

a) Email communication:

  • Good communications will lead to good transactions.
  • We use E-Mail exclusively. All transactions are rapid, safe and leave a paper trail.
  • Further required information or extra photos are exchanged by E-mail.
  • No order will be accepted by phone.

b) How to place an order

  • Contact us by E-mail, reserve the selected products and place the order.
  • There is a period of 48 hours allowed after an order is placed to send us a cancellation. After 48 hours, the order is in progress.
  • Identify yourself. Name, address or shipping destination precisely, including phone number and E-mail address.
  • We will select the shipping method unless you specify otherwise.
  • Shipping will take place only after the total price is paid.
  • A detailed shipping and billing document will be sent via E-mail.
  • Wrapping and insurance costs will be added if required and agreed following an understanding between seller-buyer.

c) Payment option: in Canadian dollar only

  • Canada: Interac, PayPal or Canadian cheque or cash.
  • USA or other countries: PayPal.
  • is our PayPal address. Both payments with PayPal must be uncreased of 3%
    NB: Use PayPal as interact from USA or the other countries and Canadian dollar shall be the reference currency for payment. So the conversion charges will be the responsibilities of the buyer, not the seller.
    The seller shall calculate the PayPal amount cost and E-mail it to the buyer.

    (Example: PayPal calculation for an object sold at 125.00$ cad (+ transport and insurance included).
    PayPal amount is: 125 $ + (3% of 125$) = 128,75 cad.
    The seller will receive 125 $ and PayPal 3,75 $)

d) Proposed carriers

  • Poste Canada,or UPS for Canada and USA.
  • UPS for others countries .

e) Customs charges

  • For shipments outside Canada, the customer will be responsible for customs charges, usually handled by the carrier or local delivery.
  • For Items shipped in Canada,no taxes, (customs charges have already been paid).

f) Products prices

  • Selling prices are valid as long as the products are visible on the site and are still stock items.
  • Prices shown on the site are the real prices to a buyer making a purchase at the warehouse in Repentigny, Quebec (excluding all other charges, like sales taxes and shipping).
  • No delivery will be made until all sales conditions, like price, shipping costs have been met and paid for.
  • If payment is by cheque, a delay before shipment will be caused by the clearing time required by the bank.
  • The customer shall be informed of the status of the delivery by using the parcel number supplied by the shipping company.

g) Lawsuits

  • To reduce the risk of misunderstanding and possible dispute, a buyer may obtain extra pictures and information on the item he intends to buy. The seller has all reasons to help the buyer make a well-documented purchasing decision. A good photo is better than a thousand words.
  • If the buyer discovers a hidden fault, he should advise the seller by email of the non-conformity of the product he recently bought within 48 hours after receiving the shipment.
  • Seller and buyer should be able to settle any disagreement and reach a satisfactory arrangement within 21 days.
  • The use of insults or accusations will immediately end the debate to find a solution or an arrangement for a dispute. The client shall be informed by E-mail.
  • Among possible arrangements, the seller may reimburse payment in part, reimburse completely the price of the item purchased or replace the item in contention after the buyer has returned it prepaid.
  • The seller will not be responsible for any reimbursement in the following cases:
    • Breach of local laws of the country where the item was shipped.
    • Wrong usage causing abnormal wear, accidents or act of God.
  • Seller warranty, in all cases, is limited to replacement or partial reimbursement of the price paid for products not meeting advertised value or affected by a hidden flaw.
    In case of theft or damage to the object during transport, the customer should claim from the carrier.

h) Computing and confidentiality

  • Customer data such as name – addresses, E-mails, telephone numbers and requirements to process orders, invoice details will never be communicated, given or sold to a third party.

i) Propriété intellectuelle

  • This internet site arrangement is the property of the seller and is protected by the Canadian laws and international rights for intellectual property. Any total or partial attempt to copy is strictly forbidden and is susceptible to lawsuits.
  • The seller remains the owner of all intellectual property rights on all bought or edited photos exchanged in order to provide customer service. The customer doesn’t have the rights to reproduce and use the same photos without written authorization from the seller. (a modest financial compensation may be required)

j) Legal context - language

  • The General Sales Conditions included in the present document and the expected transactions following the sales activity are regulated under the Canadian laws.
  • The General Sales conditions are originally written in the French language. The present text is a translation in English, but only the French language shall be referred to in case of a disagreement.

k) Client acknowledgments and pre-contract information

  • The General Sales Conditions are an integral part of the Sales process. The customer, by going through the site and before he has placed an order, is automatically informed of the applicable conditions.
  • In case of a doubt concerning one or many conditions, the buyer agrees to ask for extra information before placing an official order.